MX Sports Medicine

MX Sports Medicine is a motocross specific, personal training and physical therapy resource for professional and amateur racers.  We offer tailored motocross training programs for youth and adult, male and female athletes.   

We provide comprehensive training services and physical therapy (injury rehab, injury prevention and conditioning) with board certified Physical Therapists who are MX racers and understand the sport. 

Andy is certified in Intramuscular Manual Therapy, THE super effective treatment for ARM PUMP!

Andy is proud to announce that he was chosen to work together with Doc Bodnar of the Asterisk Medical Team as physical therapist for the Budds Creek MX of Nations!

We are located in Leadville Colorado home of  the Mt. Elbert motocross track. 

At MaXSM we are passionate about motocross, physical therapy and fitness.


























Leadville Motocross

Leadville Motocross Track